The Borough of Konradin in the III millennium

“The Borough  of  Konradin in the III millennium”

This book of words and pictures is dedicated to young people. It talks about war, preaches peace and brotherhood among peoples.

What lies at the heart of this book is youthfulness. The hero of this book is the “boyish” Prince Konradin of Swabia, of blond and gentle looks, heir to emperors, beheaded at the age of sixsteen in Naples by the enemy king, who defeated him in a historical battle which took place on the 23rd August 1268 near Tagliacozzo in the Palentine Meadows…

…The fate of Konradin becomes thus a symbol of the horrors and errors of war, and a stimulus for adolescents to find in the innate sense of their youthfulness, the seed of  friendship among young people and for each race, instead of being slaves to old nationalistic myths and hates…

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